MCI Award

Trusted Company and Product – An award is not a mere decoration, but also a proof and confidence. Since the establishment of MCI, until now has been awarded by many Indonesian government. It also proves that mci products and businesses are not fraudulent. This is REAL.


MCI Award



MCI is Trusted Company

  •  MCI as The Best Company In Service Excellent of The Year 

Platinum Achievement 2014 – 2015 with category : ” As The Best Company In Service Excellent of The Year ” on Friday,  ( November 28, 2014 ) at The Sultan Hotel oleh Indonesia Award Foundation in topic  “INDONESIA CORPORATE  ACHIEVEMENT 2014 -2015″.

MCI Award 2014


  • MCI is also one of the Multi Level / Network Marketing companies in Indonesia who have a meeting with the president of Indonesia, Mr. Joko Widodo, to discuss the issue of creative economy and employment.




  • MCI as The Best Trusted Network Marketing Company Of The Year ( 2015 )

Expert Staff of Minister of Strengthening Industrial Structure of Indonesian Ministry of Industry and Head of Bureau of Social Welfare of Provincial Government of DKI Jakarta awarded Indonesia Platinum and Best Coorperate Award 2015 in Jakarta (July 3, 2015).

The best trusted network marketing company


mci award 2015


  • MCI as The Best Improvement Multi Level Company of The Year ( 2016 )

mci award 2016



  • MCI is The Winner of Indonesia Direct Selling Award  ( 2017 )

ndonesia direct selling award 2017


MCI Products is Trusted Products

  • Glucola as The Best Quality Product of The Year

Glucola as The Best Quality Product


  • Nano Spray as The Best Beauty Equipment in 3 Years

nano spray the best beauty equipment


  • Bioglass 2+ as Best Portable Water Treatment 

bioglass 2+ as best portable water treatment



MCI Business is Trusted Business

  • World of Record : Cruise Ship Tour by The Most Multi Level Company Reward Achiever

MCI as World of Record