Stroke – Here is a testimony sharing from a member of MCI named Yenli. She shared a testimonial story about STROKE alternative medicine with MGI Bioglass MCI and MGI Pendant MCI. Here is her testimony.

Stroke Treatment Testimonials

Last year when Eid Mubarak 2016, when I’m on vacation in Bangka ( a city in Indonesia ) , I was introduced to my friend’s father, who had a stroke. The condition of my friend’s father was not able to get up and could not walk at all. He also can not move his legs. Because his legs numb. He can not feel anything.

Stroke Treatment
Stroke Treatment


After undergoing a light therapy with bioglass, also drinking bioglass distilled water, and wearing a pendant for about 7 months, now the condition is very … very … much better. Now he can crawl by his own foot by himself. He already able to set foot. His legs are not numb.

Stroke Treatment with Bioglass dan MCI Pendant
Stroke Treatment with Bioglass dan MCI Pendant

When he was undergoing “bioglass therapy”, he can feel his nerves are like “pulled out”. Now, my friend’s father already able to sit alone from the starting position lying down. He is already able to stand alone. And his face is very bright and fatter now. Also his memory is still very good. Still remember my name even already 1 taon passed.

Hopefully from my testimonials, you can refer to anyone in need.

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Stroke Treatment With Bioglass and MCI Pendant

What is Bioglass? Bioglass is a health therapy tool in the form of a round glass plate, where it can radiate positive scalar energy in the form of 127 Megacycle of Beta Rhythm (127 MBR) in a radius of more than 5 meters in all directions. This frequency rotates counterclockwise. Currently, Bioglass is one of the leading products of MCI produced in Korea.

Bioglass is the result of biotechnology innovation, made from amiran glass, combined with 13 natural minerals. And also combined with a special technique of “nanofusion” heated with high technology, which is with 7 (seven) levels of heat smelting technique to reach 3,000 degrees Celsius. This MGI Bioglass ultimately compacted in glass media, in order to easily radiate energy.

This tool is able to radiate positive energy to 127 MBR, which is the best frequency for all living things. This transmit power or working ability of MGI Bioglass MCI is over 20 years. The energy that Bioglass produces / emits is the Beta energy which is a positive scalar energy.

MGI Bioglass MCI is useful for making the body capable of “self healing”. That is able to heal yourself. And its use without using any chemicals. Only use water media to make bioglass distilled water. So it is very safe and without any side effects at all.

Therefore Bioglass can be used for alternative treatment therapies for any disease, including for alternative treatment of stroke. Even for those who have problems with his kidneys.

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