Millionaire Club Indonesia Company Profile

Millionaire Club Indonesia ( MCI ) Company Profile

MCI is Millionaire Club Indonesia. Which is part of MGI. MGI is company with the name PT. Millionaire Group Indonesia.

PT. Millionaire Group Indonesia is a multi level / network marketing company  that was established in 2010. PT. Millionaire Group Indonesia is engaged in beauty, health and now penetrated into automotive world since 2017.

MCI is a club made for their members, they will not only enjoy their physical health but also financial health. By joining in MCI, members will have privilege and exclusive product from PT. Millionaire Group Indonesia, including have millionaires community in Indonesia.

By using this community, we hope there will be more great cooperation among their members and obviously help to boost econimic condition in Indonesia.


MCI lisence
Direct Sales Business License ( In Indonesia Surat Ijin Usaha Penjualan Langsung )


Wilson Mandala Putra as CEO of PT. Millionaire Group Indonesia has completed Direct Sales Business License. So MCI onbehalf of PT. Millionaire Group Indonesia is a Network Marketing Legal Company.

PT. Millionaire Group Indonesia also has 3 office that never moved since the establishment of the company.



Millionaire Club Indonesia ( MCI ) Statement

MCI state that members can get bonuses, gifts, commisions or profits from every person or entity which participate in members. Millionaire Club Indonesia has directly proportionate along with efford and time that has been spent for Millionaire Club Indonesia.

Testimonial given are from individual who are not guarantee with gifts, bonuses, commisions or profits in potential trading. Result of products can be different from one person to another person.


Millionaire Club Indonesia ( MCI ) Vision

MCI has vision to become the best network marketing company, in order to reach welfare for its members particularly in health and finansial area.


Millionaire Club Indonesia ( MCI ) Mission

MCI have mission to deliver the best service by guarantee their members to get exclusive services such as easiness, promising products and great networking, and also competitive price.

Millionaire Club Indonesia has a commitment to develop business by increasing quality, type of products, updated promotion sysyem and support system.