MGI Turbo MCI Voltage Stabilizer

MGI Turbo MCI, Extreme Voltage Tunning, is the first automotive product launched by MCI.  With the vision of 1% of the population of Indonesia feel a better life with MCI, it has become MCI’s commitment to continue to develop product quality and develop new products.


Now MCI is expanding its wings into a wider segment. MGI Turbo as MCI’s new product innovation in the automotive world makes more and more people feel better about life with MCI.

With the car advanced technologies like VVT-I, VTECH, MIVEC, GDI, Common Rail, and EURO 6, the need for the stability of electrical could be very important. If battery is weak, so all electrical components can’t be optimal also causing incomplete combustion that have an impact on fuel consumption to be wasteful.

MGI Turbo MCI Concept

Introducing the MGI Turbo MCI, Extreme Voltage Tuning, makes your battery is able to fulfill all the nedds of car. MGI Turbo has been proven to increase the amperage to the battery that cause fire plugs enlarge and improve combustion in your car engine room.

Incoming electric current from the alternator becomes smooter and stable. With reduced resistance that result in faster battery charged. MGI Turbo also made a long lasting battery life.


Benefits of MGI Turbo MCI

By using MGI Turbo will increase ampere, decrease resistance, and make the burning machine work perfectly. Then get 10 advantages by using MGI Turbo MCI :

  1. Increase the power
  2. Improve car audio
  3. Saving fuel
  4. The Battery is more durable
  5. Premium feels like Pertamax
  6. Clear the backlog of carbon
  7. Make the air conditioner cooler
  8. The more refined engine sound
  9. The lights are brighter
  10. Protect all electrical components

Excess MGI Turbo MCI than similar products

  1. MGI Turbo MCI has a very exclusive shape and comes with swarovski diamond
  2. Its specifications 3x more than similar competitors products
  3. Enjoy the 6 years warranty from MCI

How to Install MGI Turbo MCI

Fuel Saving Test by Using MGI Turbo MCI

MGI Turbo MCI has been tested by dyno test and shows the addition of horse power 2-13 HP. The other benefits that are felt are more protection for the electrical components of your car, and fuel savings up to 10-20%.

FAQ About MGI Turbo MCI

  • Can MGI Turbo be installed in truck / bus / big motorbike ?

It can be istalled during its baterry is 12-24 volt and installed in the main battery. Not in the parallel battery

  • What to note for installation?

For MGI turbo installation, make sure the engine condition is off and make sure to put positive negative cable correctly.

  • Which MCI turbo MCI is made in ?

USA Technology , assembled Indonesia

  • What is different MGI Turbo MCI from competitors?

There are several competitor products that we have learned before launching MGI Turbo and MGI Turbo has the specification equivalent to almost 3x competitor product, lgh elegant design with swarovski rock, and the longest warranty is 6 yrs.
MGI turbo can be said is the best product at this time.