MGI Pendant MCI

MGI Pendant MCI is health necklace with energy pendant from MCI. MGI Pendant MCI is one of the medium energy which is consists of earth minerals the merged with nano technology.

These MGI Pendant MCI contains germanium, which is a subtances mineral as an anti cancer, and absorb the surrounding areas and turn them into bio energy. This bio energy has a role in enhancing the activity of molecules in the blood that flows through all organ of the human body.

Currently MCI has 4 variants of energy pendant. Those are :

  1. Aura Pendant
  2. Bio Pendant
  3. Life Secret Man Pendant
  4. Life Secret Woman Pendant


MGI Pendant MCI
MGI Pendant Aura MCI


MGI Bio Pendant MCI
Bioglass Pendant : MGI Bio Pendant MCI


MGI Life Secret Man and Woman MCI
Latest Model of MGI Pendant MCI : MGI Life Secret Man and Woman MCI


These MGI Pendant MCI ( Aura Pendant, Biopendant, Life Secret Man & Woman ) could emit FIR, energy scalar or boost the energy level in just 10 seconds in our body. Spread through the waves of infra red, energy scalar will direcly increase the oxygen in our blood, thrombosis and white blood.

We can do the live blood test. In an unhealthy human body, the blood cells shape are irregular and reassemble with other blood cells so the blood flow and oxygen nor food supply can’t work properly.

After using pendant blood cells become round and the blood circulation improved. So make the body feel more fresh and powerful. It also has been proven by the capillaries microscope that the different can be seen in the blood flow when using MGI Pendant MCI.

Positive effect of using MGI Pendant MCI are :

  1. Make the body more powerful, more fresh
  2. Improve the blood circulation, balance, focus and concentration
  3. Improve the oxygen supply in the brain
  4. Stimulate the regeneration of broken cells
  5. Improve the immune system
  6. By using MGI Pendant MCI in addition to fashionable / life style also for a period of time can help the healing process various diseases

In a study at the Max Plank Institute in 1950, Scalar Energy was able to prevent the clumping of blood cells. And based on German scientist’s research also found that scalar energy can boost the immune system and endocrine.

An article that strongly supports the importance of the existence of scalar energy for the health of the body of Jon Barron, one of the United States scientists who wrote in Barron Report (Special report) in 2001 entitled “The Energy of Life”

Energy of MGI Pendant MCI When Tested by Ion Tester Tool

MGI Pendant MCI Energy
MGI Pendant MCI Energy

The Benefits of MGI Pendant MCI as follows

  1. It has the Infra Red, which functions to release dead cells and clots that block blood flow, increase anti-cell clumping, smooth blood circulation. Suitable for heart disease suffere, cholestrol etc
  2. Produce Vitamin D to help absorb and bind Calcium. Suitable for osteoporosis sufferers and other bone problems
  3. Improve and maintain body balance. Overcoming Stress.
  4. Adding energy with instant power (1 second working)
  5. Chakra Activation
  6. Has the ability to eradicate viruses and bacteria
  7. Improve focus and concentration (good for preventing dementia).
  8. Protect the body from the effects of radiation electronic goods that harm the body, prevent electromagnetic waves that may affect health (anti-radiation)
  9. Helps delay the aging process
  10. Helps protect DNA from damage
  11. Increases cell recaptivity
  12. Helps to strengthen body and antibody body. Boost the immune system and endocrine systems.
  13. Increase anti-clotting cells
  14. Restoring stamina is very fast, at the time of exercise
  15. Reduce the level of inflammation
  16. Combat and prevent active cancer cells
  17. Renew the dead cell network
  18. Increases the absorption of nutrients
  19. Body complaints (healing therapy). Renew the dead cell network
  20. Increases oxygen content in blood and detoxification to remove toxins in the body
  21. Reduces the tension of the nervous system and increases physical strength
  22. Stabilize the body’s metabolism (hormonal system, immune, etc.)