MGI Nano Spray MCI

The development of MGI Nano Spray MCI is now more and more demanded by many people, because this beauty product can be used for all ages both women and men.

The main function of MGI Nano Spray MCI as follows :

  • Reduce the appearance of wrinkles on the skin.
  • Accelerate the replacement of skin cells.
  • Help prevent cell damage.
  • Moisturize sensitive skin.
  • For acne prone skin, nano spray is also very effective to cure any kind of acne without side effects.
  • Disguise even remove dark spots.


MGI Nano Spray MCI Version 3

MGI Nano Spray MCI Version 3 is a blend of sophistication from the proprietary technology of MGI Nano Spray MCI version 1 and MGI Nano Spray MCI Version 2. The particle grains produced by MGI Nano Spray MCI Version 3 are 1/3 smaller than the previous MGI Nano Spray MCI versions and the spray sprayed into smoother ones.



MGI Nano Spray MCI Version 3 not only be a life syle but also raise your prestige. With its luxurious design, the MGI Nano Spray MCI Version 3 also comes with a Nano Spray wallet with a crocodile skin texture.

MGI Nano Spray MCI Version 3 uses the latest nanometer technology to convert water into atomic particles in a few seconds so that nutrients and oxygen levels in water can fit into the pores of the skin.

The filter used is the best current filter with ALNICO material thereby reducing the risk of a dead end filter.



 Why Should MGI Nano Spray MCI

Please watch the video below why choose the original nano spray from MCI instead of the cheap nano spray on the market.


MGI Nano Spray Version 3 Hexagonal

MCI launches Nano Spray 3 Hexagonal Version in November 2016. Nano spray 3 Hexagon is a nano spray version 3 with a refill tank made of germanium stone. The refill tank is a water holding tank attached to the back of the nano spray body.

Germanium stone is a material used for the manufacture of bioglass, mini bioglass, biopendant, various variants of health necklace pendant MCI, and magic stick. Now germanium stone is also present in Nano Spray Version 3 products, namely Nano Spray Version 3 Hexagonal.

Germanium stone is widely used in various products MCI because in addition to regenerating cells in the body of all living things (humans, animals and plants), germanium stone is also able to change the structure of ordinary water molecules that pentagonal to have a hexagonal structure. Hexagonal water has a better quality than ordinary water.



The Excesses of MGI Nano Spray MCI Version 3 Hexagonal, among others:
1. White color & V elegant model
2. Finer spray
3. Water tank is bigger
4. Water tank made of germanium stone
5. Automatic water becomes hexagonal
6. Water more easily absorbed into the skin
7. Croco leather accent wallet
8. Water bottle is more beautiful blue transparent
9. Micro USB charger = HP charger
10. The lithium battery can be removed
11. Battery indicator LED light
12. Waterproof design (battery release condition)

Nano Spray 3 Hexagonal is combination 2 excellence in 1 product. With a water / refill tank made of germanium, the Nano Spray 3 Hexagonal is a combination of the benefits of MGI Nano Spray MCI Version 3 and MGI Bioglass MCI.

As seen in the following experiments, Nano Spray MCI Version 3 Hexagonal also has the same ability as MGI Bioglass MCI in regenerating body cells using chi energy.