MGI Green Tea MCI with Pasak Bumi

MGI Green Tea MCI with Pasak Bumi is health product from MCI that is specially formulated for adult males with main content are Green tea and Pasak Bumi.

Composition of MGI Green Tea MCI :
Xylitol, Green Tea Extract, Pasak Bumi Extract, Tea Flavor

Recommended to consume MGI Green Tea MCI is male and female age 21 years and above. But is reserved for adult Men.

How to drink MGI Green Tea MCI with Pasak Bumi 
Pour 1 sachet MGI Green Tea MCI with 1 cup (120 – 150 ml) cold water or warm water according to taste. Stir well and drink 1x a day after meals.

Main Content of MGI Green Tea MCI

Green Tea

Green Tea has long been known as a substitute for beverages such as coffee, which is healthier because of its low caffeine content and contains a very powerful natural antioxidant called polyphenols. This type of antioxidant not only helps to nourish the body, skin and hair. But it also helps inhibit the growth of cancer cells.

Pasak Bumi

Pasak Bumi (Eurycoma longifolia Jack) is one of the herbs that are widely found in Southeast Asia. Eurycoma longifolia Jack has long been known and used as a powerful medicine for men. This is reasonable because it turns out the Pasak Bumi contains ethanolic extracts that are useful to increase male testosterone. Though testosterone is a hormone that plays a role in increasing libido (sexual arousal), energy and immune. So it is appropriate if this herbal medicine is used as a strong male drug.

Benefit of MGI Green Tea MCI

  1. Maintain healthy skin
  2. Avoids the risk of baldness
  3. Reduce acne
  4. As a weight loss drink
  5. Prevent diabetes
  6. Helps protect or slow the growth of some cancers
  7. Contains powerful antioxidants
  8. Catechin that serves to protect cells and DNA from free radical damage
  9. Reduce heart disease
  10. Mestablikan blood pressure
  11. Lowering bad cholesterol
  12. Improve mental stability because of the caffeine content contained in it.