MGI Bioglass MCI 2+ and Mini Series

MGI BioGlass MCI Version 2+ is a circular glass plate that is made from Germanium ston and Jadeite. It can radiate positive scalar energy, in the form as frequency 127 Megacycle Beta Rhythm (127 MBR) within a radius of more than 5 meters in all directions.

Currently,  MGI BioGlass MCI is one of the leading products of MCI produced in Korea. MGI Bioglass MCI as a result of biotechnology innovation, made from Amiran Glass.

MGI Bioglass MCI 2+

A combination of 14 minerals put together in a special technique of “nanofusion” heated with high technology, that is with 7 (seven) levels of heat smelting technique to reach 3,000 degrees Celsius temperature and finally compacted in glass media.

Here’s a list of 14 minerals content in MGI Bioglass MCI :

  • Si02 = Silicon Dioxide
  • Al2O3 = Aluminum Oxide
  • Fe2O3 = Ferioxide
  • B2O3 = Boron Trioxide
  • MgO = Magnesium Oxide
  • MnO = Manganese Oxide
  • CaO = Calcium Oxide
  • Na2O = Sodium Oxide
  • Li2O = Lithium Oxide
  • Rb2O = Rubidium Oxide
  • ZrO = Zirconium Oxide
  • H2O + = Water / dihydrogen monoxide
  • TiO2 = Titanium Dioxide
  • Na (Al, Fe) Si2O6 = Jadeite

In order to easily radiate energy. The size of MGI Bioglass MCI version 2+ has a diameter of 9.8 cm and 0.8 cm thick.

MGI Bioglass MCI version 2+ radiates a positive energy to 127 MBR, which is the best frequency for all living things.

This transmit power or working ability of MGI Bioglass MCI version 2+ is over 20 years. The energy produced / emitted MGI Bioglass MCI is Beta energy which is a positive scalar energy.

MGI BioGlass MCI Concept

The MGI Bioglass MCI concept is harmonizing the rhythm of our body (balancing) so that the body gets a good energy and the function of our body / physique goes well.

Proverbial MGI BioGlass MCI is the “charger” ( energy re-energizing ) our bodies. The working principle of Bio Glass is energizing the optimal body, the chakra system, the centers / points of control of the human body’s power to spin normally, so that the body’s work system is also normal, then there is “SELF HEALING”, that is the body capable of “HEALING HIMSELF” naturally.

Variant of MGI Bioglass MCI

Bioglass version 2+ has two variant :

  1. MGI Bioglass MCI 2+
  2. Mini Series MGI Bioglass MCI 2+

Benefit of MGI Bioglass MCI 2+

Besides have beneficial for the therapy of various health problems with the body capable of “HEALING HIMSELF” naturally, Bioglass 2+ & Bioglass Mini Series can transform the water particle to Hexagonal.

What are the benefit of Hexagonal Water Produced By Bioglass & Bioglass Mini Series ?

1. Greater Hydration for the Body
When we are born, our bodies are more than 90 percent water, but the time we are in our twenties the amount of water is reduced to an average of 70 percent. When we are fifty or older, the total water content of our bodies is less than 50 percent. As we age, the movement of water within our bodies also slow down. Since cells function best when 60 percent of the total body’s water is inside the cells. Dr Jhon author of The Water Puzzle and the Hexagonal Key explain that hexagonal water actually has the capacity to hold more energy than normal water and can be released immediately when the body needs it.

2. Better Cellular Communication
Lack of hexagonal water in the body can decrease the million cellular communication. Drinking hexagonal water is really good to increase the cellular communication. Hexagonal water also can reduce stress in the body and drain the blood circulation.

3. Better Metabolic Activity and Faster Detoxification
Not only does hexagonal water bring nutritions faster into the cells, it also helps in detoxification. It moves out of the cells more rapidly carrying toxins and metabolic waste.

4. Prevent Premature Aging
Drinking hexagonal water is one of the easiest wats to overcome chronic dehydration and to protect our body from disease and premature aging. Because aging is correlated with a loss of water on the skin.

MGI Bioglass MCI Can Be Used on All Living Things

MGI Bioglass MCI Testimonial

You can do this experiment at home. Damp vegetables and fruits that have wilted on water with Bioglass from MCI. After a few hours even overnight, the vegetables and fruits that had been withered will return fresh.

You can also do this on a sick or dying fish, enter the MGI Bioglass MCI and soak them together, then the fish that is sick or dying will return agile.

Use MGI BioGlass MCI on your farm. Use on drinking water for your farm animals. And use MGI Bioglass MCI distilled water for the irrigation system on your farm. Then your farm products will increase.

Watch video below to see that MGI Bioglass MCI can absorb toxins around it.