MGI Beauty Magic Stick MCI

MGI Beauty Magic Stick MCI is one of beauty equipment from MCI that contains Germanium stone. This Germanium stone is taken from Elvan stone blocks. This Elvan Stone hunk become one of the greatest discovery in medical science and the scientist described it as a “Great Gift From God”

In 1886 – 1947 the researchers tried to describe the functions and benefits that produced by this stone. Until in 1950, University of California Barkeley emeritus professor, Dr. Albert Kreuger found that ion in the Germanium Stone has good effects in nerve system, gland, and digestion in the entire human body.

Because of that benefit, so MCI used the Germanium Stone to maximize the performance of nerve and skin in order to keep skin elastic and tighten skin.


Innovation Of MGI Beauty Magic Stik MCI Version 2


MGI Beauty Magic Stick MCI Generation 2 is specially designed with 5 excesses :
1. Germanium Stone
Germanium stone found in MGI Beauty Magic Stick MCI generation 2 is much more than the first generation MGI Beauty Magic Stick MCI. So the perceived results will feel more leverage.

2. Acupressure Stone
Acupressure is the emphasis of acupuncture points in the median nerve nerve in order to increase the flow of chi so as to achieve energy balance. May bring a sense of relaxation when these stone are used.

3. Luxury Design
In a special design with a form that is so slim and lightweight for MGI Beauty Magic Stick MCI Generation 2 looks more attractive with the shiny sheen of color emitted.

4. Handy Grip
The oval shape of the MGI Beauty Magic Stick MCI version 2 that is so comfortable when held is made to make it easier for consumers to wear it.

5. Roller
Made with high precision quality makes the germanium stone turnover will work more leverage.



Type Of MGI Beauty Magic Stick MCI Generation 2

There are 2 type of MGI Beauty Magic Stick MCI Generation 2 as follows.

Type of MGI Magic Stick MCI Versi 2