mci mgi promo august 2017

MCI MGI Promo for Period August 2 until 31, 2017

MCI MGI Promo for the period August 2 until 31, 2017 – MCI MGI always presents spectacular promotion. Following are the promo for the WOW+ package with the period August 2 – 31, 2017. MCI MGI Promo for WOW+ Package in August 2017 MCI MGI officially launched 3 WOW+ packages promo for August 2017. Here they are :   A. MCI MGI Promo for WOW+…

Stroke Treatment

Stroke – Alternative Stroke Treatment

Stroke – Here is a testimony sharing from a member of MCI named Yenli. She shared a testimonial story about STROKE alternative medicine with MGI Bioglass MCI and MGI Pendant MCI. Here is her testimony. Stroke Treatment Testimonials Last year when Eid Mubarak 2016, when I’m on vacation in Bangka ( a city in Indonesia ) , I was introduced to my friend’s father, who…

MCI Promo July 2017

MCI Promo July 2017, Wow+Package

MCI Promo July 2017 – MCI MGI re-launch super saving package promo for July 2017. There are 2 additional WOW + packages applicable for the period of 9 July 2017 to July 23, 2017. That is WOW + package consisting of Bioglass, Magic Stick, Glucola Gel and WOW + package consisting of Magic Stick, Glucola Gel, Glucola Serum.       MCI Promo July WOW+…

MGI Turbo Motor MCI Sold Out

MGI Turbo Motor MCI Is Sold Out

Due to high response shown by members towards MGI Turbo Motor, we regretfully announce that this product is now sold out. All packages containing it wil not be available on the web until August 1st, 2017. Members will not be able to make any order within the next 3 months or longer or until an update is provided by the management.

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