mci products

MCI Products have helped so many people – MCI has quality products in health, beauty and automotive. Mci products are also often awarded by the government of Indonesia in terms of quality.


MCI Products

MCI Products


MCI Beauty Equipment  : Nano Spray & Beauty Magic Stick

All beauty products from MCI using ingredients as natural as possible. Even nano spray and magic sticks are beauty products in the form of tools, without using any herbal ingredients let alone chemicals.

One of the booming MCI products in indonesia for the first time is MGI Nano Spray MCI. This beauty equipment has won Award as “The Best Beauty Equipment” for 3 consecutive years. MCI is sole distributor from Nano Spray Japan in southeast asia.


MCI Health And Beauty Product : Glucola , Glucola Gold,  Glucola Serum, Glucola Gel

Glucola drink is glutathione and collagen nutrition with stevia. Glucola is useful for detox, cell regeneration and anti aging. It become best seller product for health and beauty.

Glucola helps many people to improve health, take care of the skin, also provide solutions for couples who want to have a baby.

Glucola Gold is a variant of Glucola Drink that has a more complete composition and larger doses which also contain stemcell.

Because of its many benefits, then MCI makes a variant of glucola for skin care, namely Glucola Gel and Glucola Serum.


MCI Male Supplement : Green Tea ( with Pasak Bumi )

Green Tea with Pasak Bumi is male supplements to increase arousal and fertility. Green Tea with Pasak Bumi help to improve household harmony and provide solutions for those who want the baby.


MCI Slimming Product : SoShin

Soshin with the main ingredient of green tea, green coffee, lotus leaves, guarana fruit, spirulina is not only beneficial to lose weight, but also remove saturated oil from the body so it can help reduce cholesterol and maintain body health.


MCI Health Treatment : MCI PendantBioglass and Mini Series of Bioglass

And do not miss anyway, MCI has Pendant and Bioglass as medical therapy tool. They are made of germanium stone and jade. Which help maintain health and therapy all health problems without any side effects. It can even be used to help kidney problems.

Bioglass as well as a health therapeutic tool can also be used to convert ordinary drinking water into hexagonal water which is good for health. It also won Award in Indonesia as “The Best Portable Water Treatment”.

MGI Bioglass not only beneficial to humans but also animals and plants. It can be used to increase yields and farm products.


MCI Automotive Products : MGI Turbo and MGI Turbo Motor

MGI Turbo is a fuel-saving tool for cars where it works is to stabilize electricity in car engines. So in addition to saving fuel also take care of the car engine and optimize the workings of the car engine.

With the same concept, MCI also launched MGI Turbo Motor as fuel saving tool for motorcycle.